Uncover The Methods Of Connecting With Spirit, Performing Psychic Readings & Communicating With The Other Side Of Life While Becoming a Confident & Certified 'Psychic Medium'...

This Comprehensive Program Is Designed To Help Aspiring & Seasoned 'Psychic Mediums' master the art of connecting with spirit and Communicating With the other side of life. This Academy Will Also Give You tools of The trade, many of which have been kept secret, alongside training on how to build a Successful & life-changing business...


  • ​​​​Lifetime Access to Comprehensive Training ​
  • Over 20+ Hours Of Pre-Recorded Modules
  • ​Comprehensive 60,000+ Word Digital Course Manual
  • ​Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls with Linda Rauch
  • ​Guided Meditations Designed to Enhance Your Psychic Senses
  • ​10 Leads of Prospective Clients*

Discounted Price Ends Soon:


"In This Academy I Will Be Sharing My Methods For Harnessing Your Intuition and Developing Your Psychic Abilities... The Methods I Have Used Working At The Forefront of Psychic & Mediumship Development For The Past 40 Years"

Whether you're looking to communicate and connect with spirit to enhance your own life to gain a deep understanding of circumstances, situations and even people around you... 

OR... You're Seeking to build an exciting, life-changing and prosperous career as a psychic Medium, this academy By World-Renowned Psychic, Linda Rauch, is PERFECT for you.

the academy has been carefully designed for both aspiring psychics who've yet to have their first psychic experience AND for seasoned psychic mediums alike.

iN FACT... Psychics from all around the world frequently turn to linda to Identify, Harness & further develop their Gift....

"I have learnt bucket loads. I'm in awe of all the information you have shared. The meditations as usual were amazing, you really know how to take us deep. Thank you for this amazing course."

Learning to communicate and connect with spirit Is an incredibly life-changing and exciting experience...

it gives you a deep insight into yourself, your friends, family, colleagues... Even People You Cross-Paths With... 

you'll be able to gather information, make informed decisions and help others do the same...

REMEMBER... Everyone Has Psychic Abilities, And If You Haven't Been Able To Identify Or Harness Them Yet... You'll Learn Methods To Quickly And Effortlessly Harness Them Inside This Academy...

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy Is YOUR opportunity to open up to a new source of wisdom, compassion, and understanding that can Truly Transform Your Life... AND, if you wish, can eVEN help you build a successful and life-changing psychic Reading Business

you will learn the methods (taught by very few) on how to communicate with spirit and perform readings with accuracy.

in doing so... you gain access to knowledge about yourself that may have been previously inaccessible or unknownThis includes your unique gifts and talents, your higher purpose in life, and any blocks or challenges that you’re facing

By connecting with this deeper understanding of yourself, it allows for greater self-acceptance, growth, and transformation

The ability to communicate with spirit also grants profound insights into the lives of others as well... 

You can gain clarity on issues they may be struggling with or help them uncover their true potential by providing messages from the other side

This form of communication often creates profound connections between You and Others As a Result of your new found abilities to provide comfort and support, especially during difficult times

Additionally, learning the art of psychic mediumship enables you to bridge the gap between the physical world and spiritual realms

This opens up possibilities for communicating with Spirit or even discarnate entities such as angels or guides.

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy is the perfect way to:

  • Gain a Deep Insight Into The Circumstances, Life Events & People Around Your By Tapping Into & Harnessing Your Psychic Senses
  • ​Perform Psychic Readings For Yourself and Others
  • ​Connect and Communicate With Spirit Guides, Who Can Guide and Protect You
  • ​Build a Level Of Self-Awareness You May Not Have Thought Possible While Having Greater Self-Acceptance, Growth and Transformation
  • ​​Learn How Healing Yourself & Others Is The Foundation Of Psychic Work 
  • Remain Grounded, Protected and In-Control
  • ​Understand People - Including Their Feelings, Intentions and Past - At a Deep, Spiritual Level
What's Included Inside The Academy:

20+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Training Modules

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy offers over 20 hours of pre-recorded modules by world-renowned psychic Linda Rauch, giving students the opportunity to deep dive into the material. these modules cover a wide range of topics related to psychic and mediumship such as psychic energy, scrying, psychometry, tarot readings, runes divination, astral projection, psychic detection and animal communication

Each Module Includes Tools And Techniques That You Can Use To Hone Your Skills To Communicate With Spirit From Beyond The Physical Realm. With comprehensive guidance from Linda Rauch and her experts in the field, You will be able to master these spiritual practices and gain insight into a truly unique area of study.

Comprehensive 60,000 Word Manual

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy also includes a 60,000 word manual which is an invaluable resource for aspiring and seasoned psychic mediums. It is filled with detailed information on topics such as ancestral lineage, meditation practices, the purpose of your intuitive senses, connecting with guides and ascended masters, understanding the many levels of intuition and developing your own unique style

The manual also covers topics such as astral travel and soul healing. This comprehensive guide comes complete with exercises and practical applications so you can effortlessly implement what you have learned. With this extensive resource at their fingertips, you will have all the necessary tools to effectively practice psychic mediumship.

Guided Meditations Designed to Enhance Your Psychic Senses

The guided meditations in the Psychic & Mediumship Academy will help you to tap into your own psychic senses and enhance them. These meditations are channelled from spirit by Linda Rauch, and will provide you with a deeper understanding of your intuition as well as how to use it effectively. Through these meditations, You will be able to connect with Your spiritual guides and access powerful energies that can guide You on the path towards enlightenment. With each meditation, You will gain greater insight into Your intuition and learn how to interpret signs that come through from the other side

The guided meditations will also facilitate an alignment between one's mental and physical bodies, allowing You to experience a deep sense of inner peace and clarity that comes from within. You will be taught proper breathing techniques in order to induce a state of relaxation and How to open yourself up to higher frequencies of energy. As You progress in each meditation, you can focus on connecting with the universe around you and unlocking spiritual knowledge that is beyond what we can normally perceive. The guidance provided by Linda Rauch's channelled messages makes these meditations even more powerful, as it gives you direct access to wisdom from divine sources

through these meditations, you have an opportunity to journey deep within yourself and uncover hidden potentials waiting just below the surface. By honing in on one’s psychic abilities, they can unlock the ability to perceive subtle nuances beyond what is visible on the physical plane and ultimately expand Your consciousness.

Live Coaching Sessions with Linda Rauch**

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy includes 1-hour live sessions with Linda Rauch that run bi-weekly. These sessions are a great opportunity for you to ask questions and receive guidance from an expert in the field. During these sessions, Linda will provide insight into psychic readings, mediumship practices, spirit communication techniques, and much more. 

She will also share her personal experiences as a professional psychic medium so that you can gain a deeper understanding of how to use your intuition and connect with the spiritual realm. Furthermore, she will offer advice on how to hone your skills in order to become proficient in communicating with spirits from beyond the physical realm. With comprehensive guidance from Linda Rauch and her experts in the field during these live sessions, you will have all you need to master this extraordinary area of study.

Community of Aspiring & Seasoned Psychics

The Academy provides a unique community space where aspiring psychics can come together and collaborate so that you can reach new levels of understanding regarding the power within yourself as well as how best to use it when communicating with spirits from beyond our physical realm.

You will benefit from valuable social connections that are formed between you and like-minded individuals on the same spiritual path. By engaging in conversation with peers who share similar values and beliefs, you can form meaningful relationships while exploring different modalities of psychic readings together. With a positive support system around you, you’ll be able to gain motivation and confidence as you progress along your journey to mastering your psychic ability

Peer-To-Peer Practice Sessions

Our peer-to-peer practice 'study hub' allows you to connect with developing and professional psychic mediums. With this hub, you can connect to likeminded individuals, perform practice readings and gain real-world feedback from fellow students. With this feedback you will be able to further refine your psychic abilities in order to become a more confident reader

Through its plethora of resources including live training Sessions and peer-to-peer practice sessions, The Psychic & Mediumship Academy provides a comprehensive platform for those interested in honing their skills as psychic mediums or furthering their career goals within this field. Whether you’re an aspiring reader looking for guidance or an established professional wanting to get feedback on your work, you will find useful information and support here that is tailored specifically towards developing your innate potential for connecting with Spirit.

Accreditation from The Spiritual Workers Association*

Upon completion of The Psychic & Mediumship Academy program, participants will Receive a Certificate and will be able to show that the course is Accredited by the Spiritual Workers Association and receive a certificate of distinction for their mastery of psychic mediumship.

The Spiritual Workers Association is a Professional Association whose primary aim is to support all spiritualistic service providers. The Association's aim is to Define, Promote, and Protect Excellence in the Field of Spiritual Work and to ensure that all its members adhere to the highest possible standards

Certified by the CPD

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy is a CPD Certified program, which means that it has been Recognised for its quality and commitment to providing a comprehensive program that helps aspiring psychics and mediums further their knowledge. 

This certification is a testament to the fact that the course has been thoroughly evaluated and approved by experienced professionals in the industry who can attest to its value

Double Accreditation by The World Metaphysical Association & Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH)*

The Academy is double-accredited by both The World Metaphysical Association & The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers. Upon completing the course, you will be able to fast-track your application to becoming an accredited practitioner with both bodies and show that you have completed a recognised and accredited programme.

The World Metaphysical Association sets a professional standard for performance, education, and personal improvement for the industry. The certification establishes credentials as a practitioner by becoming an accredited intuitive.

The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers is open to those who wish to incorporate high ethical standards into their practices and teachings and promote holistic awareness globally. Earning Council accreditation is a rewarding achievement, and sets the tone for your practice, whether seeking to work professionally or simply for personal enrichment.

10 Leads of Prospective Clients*

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy course also includes 10 leads of prospective clients generated by our marketing team. This means that by taking the course, you can not only gain valuable knowledge and skills to hone your intuition, but also have the potential to start your own career - potentially even signing your first clients with this course alone. These leads are carefully curated to ensure that those who take the course will be connected with individuals who need their services and could become a part of your clientele

Furthermore, this means that if you decide to pursue a career as a psychic or medium after completing the course, the Academy can potentially pay for itself as you start working with these potential clients right away. With additional guidance and support from experienced professionals in the field, you will be able to build up your confidence in using your gifts while supplementing or even replacing your current work.

BONUS COURSE: Teaching Tales of a Natural Born Psychic

Included in the academy is The "teaching Tales of a natural born psychic" course by Linda Rauch. This exclusive bonus is an excellent way to learn about the personal experiences of a psychic medium and how linda identified and developed her skills. This course provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into the life of a psychic medium and learn from her experiences. Through listening to Linda's stories and lessons, you can gain a deeper understanding of Mediumship, as well as other spiritual practices. The personal touch that Linda provides through her own experiences brings these skills to life and can inspire anyone to embark on their own spiritual journey. With Linda's guidance and the lessons she imparts, you can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful psychic medium.

Marketing Training by Award-Winning Agency Founder & Marketer, Aran Spencer

The Academy also features comprehensive recorded sessions by award-winning marketer Aran Spencer on how to market your new business and acquire clients. These sessions cover topics including the alchemy of customer acquisition, building a social media presence, advertising online and Leveraging the search engines

Aran is responsible for over $5m+ in sales across the personal development and spiritual realm, with over $1m in sales in the psychic and tarot reading realm alone. he has also started and scaled multiple successful businesses with large corporate clients and start-ups alike.

Aran provides an in-depth look at the current marketing landscape and advice on how to get the most out of your efforts. He also provides tips on creating a comprehensive digital strategy that will help you attract and retain new clients. With Aran's guidance, you can learn essential skills that are essential for running a successful psychic or mediumship business. Additionally, Aran will provide expert insight on how to leverage modern marketing techniques to increase visibility online and build up a thriving client base.

BONUS SESSION: Interview with Renowned Psychic Penny Hayward

The Psychic & Mediumship Academy is delighted to have renowned psychic Penny Hayward in an exclusive bonus session. Penny, who teaches at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College and is a Spiritualist National Union Diploma holder, provides an invaluable insight into the world of psychic and mediumship. During this session, Penny shares her stories and experiences on how she developed her craft, discusses techniques for connecting to spirit guides and providing readings for clients, as well as offers advice on how best to use your gifts in a professional setting

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Penny has worked with some of the most respected psychics around the world and possesses a deep understanding of what it takes to become successful as a professional reader and medium. This exclusive opportunity enables you to gain valuable knowledge from someone who has mastered their craft through hard work and dedication.

BONUS SESSION: Interview with Astrologer & Advisor To Highly Sensitive People Fernanda Paiva

In an exclusive bonus session for Academy students, you will have the opportunity to receive insightful advice from Fernanda Paiva, a world-renowned astrologer. Born and raised in Brazil, Fernanda has devoted her life to understanding psychodynamics, astrology and its profound implications for individual and collective awareness

With over 15 years of experience in multiple facets of astrology, she has established herself as an expert in the field and is known for her compassionate guidance and ability to help individuals gain clarity on issues or decisions they are facing. During her interview session for Academy’s students, she shares intimate stories of how she developed her craft over the years as well as offering valuable tips that highly sensitive people can use when dealing with difficult situations

She will also talk about how psychology plays a part in astrology-based readings, how to interpret planetary transits and cycles, as well as how to work with clients’ birth charts to bring about greater clarity and personal growth. Through this exclusive opportunity with Fernanda Paiva, you can look forward to gaining knowledge from one of the most sought-after psychoanalytic astrologers around.

BONUS SESSION: Interview Session with Renowned Psychic Medium Sue Smith

Linda Rauch is excited to be interviewing Sue Smith, a renowned psychic medium and tarot reader, exclusively for the Academy. Sue has had an incredible journey in life, having gone from being a nurse to becoming one of the most well-respected psychics in the UK

She has trained numerous mediums, held development circles and trainings, worked with Tony Stockwell, and even taught at Arthur Findlay College. With her extensive experience and knowledge of the spiritual world, it promises to be an interesting conversation as she shares her insights into the work that she does.

"The Academy provides an extensive, comprehensive, and exciting curriculum that covers a wide range of topics from psychic energy and scrying to psychometry, divination with tarot and runes, astral projection, animal communication, and channelling communication from the spiritual realm."

Module 1:

An Introduction To The world Of psychic Mediumship

  • Introduction 
  • ​The Price of Sensitivity 
  • ​Compassion and Suffering 
  • ​Making Space 
  • ​Honouring Your Soul 
  • ​Making the Best of the Course

Module 2:

Psychic Awareness, Intuition & Empathy

  • Starting Your Journey & Mission Statement 
  • ​Lessons of the Shamanic & Ancient Traditions 
  • ​The Mechanism to Connect to Spirit 
  • ​Intuition, Psychic Awareness, Empathy & Deep Intuition 
  • ​Understanding & Defining Intuition

Module 3:

Connecting To Your Spirit & Your 'Clairs'

  • Power and Responsibility 
  • ​Truth Meditation 
  • ​Heart Intelligence Meditation
  • ​Blocks to Psychic Development 
  • ​Qualities to Develop 
  • ​Hinderances to Psychic Work 
  • ​Blending with Spirit 
  • ​The Clairs and Sitting in the Power 
  • ​Sitting in the Power and Identifying your Clairs Meditation 
  • ​Conducting a Psychic Reading Meditation 
  • ​Conducting a Mediumship Reading Meditation

Module 4:

The Chakra System, Auras & The Subtle Realms

  • Who are We? 
  • ​What are the Auras and Chakras? 
  • ​The Chakras 
  • ​Chakra Meditation 
  • ​The Colours

Module 5:

Mediumship, 'linking In', Platform Demonstration & Animal Communication

  • Intro to Mediumship and Attunement 
  • ​Begin to Link with Spirit Meditation 
  • ​Platform Demonstrating 
  • ​Phrases, Shortcuts and Placing the Communicator 
  • ​Creativity, Self-Doubt and Top Tips for Mediumship 
  • ​Animal Communication

Module 6:

Trance States, spirit Art & Automatic Writing

  • Brainwave States 
  • ​Getting into Trance States 
  • ​Medical Intuition 
  • ​Healing Chamber Meditation 
  • ​Spirit Art 
  • ​Trance Mediumship 
  • ​Physical Mediumship

Module 7:

Prophecy, Prediction, Seership & spiritual Assessments

  • What is Prophecy 
  • ​Spiritual and Psychic Assessments 
  • ​Prophecy Meditation

Module 8:

Soul DNA, Ancestral DNA, Spirit Teams & Past Lives

  • Spirit Teams 
  • ​Ancestral and Soul DNA and Past Lives 
  • ​Past Life Meditation

Module 9:

Runes, Ogham, Tarot & Oracle Cards

  • The Runes 
  • ​Rune Meditation 
  • ​The Tarot 
  • ​Tarot Meditation
  • ​Tarot and Oracle Spreads

Module 10:


  • Psychometry History and the Psychometry Mind State
  • ​Psychometry Meditation
  • ​Psychometry with Photographs

Module 11:


  • What is Scrying 
  • ​Getting into the Scrying Mind State 
  • ​Scrying Meditation
  • ​Scrying Techniques

Module 12:

Psychic Detection & Remote Viewing

  • What is Psychic Detection 
  • ​Finding People and Reading Locations
  • ​Psychic Detection Meditation
  • ​Bilocation and Remote Viewing

Module 13:

Journeying beyond

  • Out of Body and Near Death Experience, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection
  • ​Astral Projection and OBE’s Meditation 
  • ​Near Death Experience Research 
  • ​Ouija Boards, Table Tipping, Spirit Photography and Spirit Technology 

Module 14:

Highly sensitive people; Awareness, Protection, Boundaries and Staying Inspired

  • Highly Sensitive People 
  • ​Mindfulness and Astrology 
  • ​Protection, Boundaries and Staying Inspired 
  • ​Protection Meditation

Module 15:

Next Steps On Your Journey

  •  Mission Statement and Top Rules for Good Practice

Module 16:

Bonus Interviews

  • Interview with Penny Hayward
  • ​Interview with Fernanda Paiva
  • ​Interview with Sue Smith

Module 17:

Digital Marketing Mastery

Launch Date: 31st March

  • The Alchemy of Customer Acquisition
  • ​Paid Social Media Advertising
  • ​Organic Social Media Marketing
  • ​Search Engine Marketing

"learn how to build a highly successful psychic readings practice... from acquiring clients to building a social media presence infused with both passion and purpose... it's all here"

By Mastering The Art Of Communicating With Spirit, You Will Have Spiritual guidance reserved only to those who have been able to truly identify and harness their Abilities... 

Once you've mastered your psychic and mediumship skills, you're ready for clients.

psychics are in hUGE demand across the world...

According to InStyle, "Everyone Is Booking psychic readings right now" and The Industry has "took on more intensity and urgency"...

Some of the largest directories have seen upwards of a 50% increase in demand since 2019.

In fact, 1 in 5 americans have consulted in fortune tellers at some stage in their life, according to a youGov survey published in 2017...

That's not all, IBISWorld reported in 2019 that Spiritual Businesses had a combined revenue of a whopping $2.2 billion...

such dramatic growth can't and should not be ignored, whether you're an experienced psychic medium or a spiritual novice... you too can tap into this market Growth.

that's where award-winning marketing agency founder and "ads whisperer" aran spencer comes in...

aran has built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses and has sold over $5M+ in programmes in the spiritual and personal development realm, from tarot to Nutrition.

Building a successful psychic reading practice is a brilliant way to supplement your current income, build a side-hustle OR EVEN as a full-time career.  

On this academy, linda has invited aran to share his Wisdom and insight into building a successful business... Even if it's From the comfort of your own home

Aran's Training module will cover how you too can build a business, generate leads and acquire clients.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... The Academy ALSO comes with 10 enquiries of people ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR READINGS, meaning, even if you take on one or two clients, the academy can essentially pay for itself.

"The Psychic & Mediumship Academy Is YOUR Opportunity To Open Up To A New Source Of Wisdom, Compassion, And Understanding That Can Truly Transform Your Life... AND, If You Wish, Can EVEN Help You Build A Successful And Life-Changing Psychic Reading Business."

Interested in a 1:1 Session with Linda? Book here.

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